The  A to Z  of How Things Happen at Allandale Primary School



If your child is absent from school for any reason, please contact the school with the following information – child’s name, class, the reason for their absence.

You can contact the school by:
phone 07 308 7645
text  021 025 01768
fax  07 307 0868

Unexplained absences will be followed up for the safety of our children. We have a very low tolerance for unexplained absences. If after the 3rd absences we haven’t received a satisfactory explanation for your child’s absence we will be requesting the help of the truancy service. Every unexplained absence after that will involve the truancy service. If a child is to be away for a period of time and you know in advance, permission must be granted by the principal.


Minor accidents are treated in the school medical room, but parents are contacted if the accident is of a more serious nature.  It is important that the school has up-to-date information of contact phone numbers.


An after school care programme is available from :

Bizzy Buddyz              Ph: 308 4314 or 0800 084 314
Anglican Childcare      Ph: 308 5839
Apanui After School    Ph: 307 8234.


School assemblies take place each Monday from 12.00 p.m. in our school hall, Te Kaitiaki o Motueka. They are a celebration of our learning, and of Allandale Kind of Kid behaviour. Visitors are most welcome. 

Team assemblies are also held weekly.


Allandale provides a banking facility through the First Credit Union (formerly NZCU North). Banking day is Wednesday.


Our school has a cycle safety policy which states that all students must wear safety standard approved helmets if they choose to cycle to school.  If parents wish their children to ride to school they should ensure that the child knows the rules of the road and correct procedures. Cycles need to be in a sound, safe condition.


The Board of Trustees is elected by the school community to govern the school. The dates of its monthly meetings, which are open to the parents, are notified through school newsletters and are also posted on the electronic notice board at the main gate.  Minutes of Board of Trustees meetings and copies of the School Charter, Strategic Plan and School Policies are always available to parents at the School Office.


Every class in the school has a buddy class and they meet each Friday to share their learning. Where possible a Year 1 & 2 class is buddied with a senior class.


We have a fantastic area in the centre of our school designed to enhance “gross motor” play for our children. There are lots of toys and equipment for our children to use which encourages them to be physically active.


The school is organised into three teams – Year 1/2, Year 3/4 and Year 5/6. Some classes are composite. Senior Teachers in each area help the Principal with the school organisation and the placement of children in the most appropriate class for the child’s needs.  New entrant children will start school in rooms Pepeke 19 and Kihikihi 17. Each of our classes has both a name and a number e.g. Pekepe 19. The senior classes are all native trees, the Year 3 and 4 teams are birds, and our junior classes are the creatures. The metaphor we use is that the senior children are the trees of Tāne’s forest and they support the younger ones in our school, who are the birds and the creatures of the forest.


School uniform at Allandale is compulsory.  All items on the uniform list can be purchased from NZ Uniforms, 89 The Strand, Whakatāne. Our uniforms are in blue and gold and are in a range of summer and winter garments. Children are expected to remove non-uniform clothing when they get to school.  The wearing of jewellery is not encouraged, e.g. no ‘dangly’ ear rings. Studs and sleepers are acceptable.


We have fantastic cultural groups who perform regularly in our community. Our Kapa Haka group performs in the Rangitaiki Festival and on other school occasions and our Jump Jam team successfully competes at the national level, and our school orchestra plays on many occasions.


Our teachers provide exciting teaching and learning programmes as they deliver the New Zealand curriculum. As we are a primary school our major focus areas are on literacy, numeracy and rich topics. Each of the curriculum areas of the New Zealand curriculum is covered however with children given lots of opportunity to develop their talents in the arts and sport in particular.


The school is serviced by the District Health Boards’ mobile dental service.


We ask each family to pay a school donation annually to enhance the learning opportunities the school is able to provide.  At the commencement of the school year you will receive an advice asking for the amount that the Board of Trustees deem fair as an annual contribution. We urge you to pay this which we can assure you will be put to good use to buy those valuable extras for the benefit of all students. During the course of the school year new families enrolling will be asked to pay for a proportion of the annual donation.


Allandale is a Duffy School.  This means your child will receive a book to keep each term this year and many children receive more than that as rewards for conscientious effort.  Reading is a cornerstone to academic success.  We will do everything in our power to ensure your child learns to read.


Team and class trips and camps play a very important part in the school programme.  Consent forms are always included when you are notified of an out of school activity.  It is important that these are signed and returned to the school.  There will often be a charge for these activities.

Parents are always needed to help with trips, camps or sporting activities.  Please be generous with your time if at all possible.  We certainly appreciate it.  It is not possible to have pre-schoolers on trips.  Please be understanding if teachers do not accept your help for this, or other reasons.


The school practises emergency procedures, in particular fire and earthquake drill regularly, so that in the unlikely event of a fire or earthquake the children and staff know what to do.  We would encourage families to work out similar emergency procedures for the whole family when at home.

Our post-evacuation procedures include a link with the Local District Council’s Civil Defence Co-ordinator.


Allandale School operates a Ministry of Education directed enrolment scheme. The school zone is available from the school office. Students living outside the school zone may be able to enrol as space allows. The best thing to do is to complete a pre-enrolment form available at the school office which will begin the process. We do not accept same day starts.

Students may have to wait a day or two after enrolment is confirmed before they can start school.

On the first day of each term  we hold a powhiri (welcome) for all the new students and their families. This is followed by a morning tea for the adults and their children.

To help make the start of school a positive experience for our 5 year olds, we have a Year 5 with Year 1 buddy system. Throughout the Year 1’s first month at school a Year 5 student will meet his or her buddy and read to them in their classroom. The Year 5 student will make an effort to make contact with their buddy in the playground. Our 5 year old students respond well to the caring of an older student and our Year 5 children enjoy having this special role in our school.


Allandale supports the principals of *sustainability *environment education *children’s participation *diversity of people and culture *Maori perspectives.

A group of children is selected to work on environmental projects around the school.  Tree planting, murals, poles and gardens are examples of work completed by our envirogroup.

We actively recycle paper, cardboard, plastics, cans and glass. Children are expected to take their lunch rubbish home. The main reason for this is so parents can see what their children have, or haven’t eaten at school. It reduces the school rubbish too.


Children’s physical fitness and well-being is very important in the learning process. Each team or syndicate runs a regular fitness programme for the children.  Please enhance this fun programme by regularly playing sport, walking or running around outside as a family.


Gold is our school colour


Our school policy emphasises healthy eating. In partnership with families we want to educate our children about healthy eating.

Here’s what we do –

  • Provide a supervised brain food break at 10.30am each day
  • Encourage children to drink water daily, we have chilled water available during the summer months
  • Insist that children sit and eat from 1:15pm to 1:30pm
  • Lollies, drink sachets, jelly crystals, fizzy drinks, caffeine based drinks and large bags of snack foods are banned
  • ensure healthy eating is part of our health curriculum

Here’s what we want you to do –

  • Ensure your child has a healthy breakfast every day
  • Provide a healthy snack for morning tea
  • Provide a nutritious lunch or money for your child to purchase one
  • Provide your child with a water bottle (1/3 filled andfrozen overnight provides refreshing, cool water the next day)


Our Public Health Nurse is employed by Community Child and Youth Health Services and visits the school on a fairly regular basis. If you wish to access her services please feel free to do so through the School Office.


Boards of Trustees are required to consult the school community on the Health Syllabus at least once every eighteen months.  Allandale School will consult in a variety of ways.  These will be advertised through the weekly newsletter.


We think that home learning is important, not just for its own sake but as a means for parents and children to share with each other what is happening at school.  Teachers will advise parents of what is expected at each level. Home learning should never become a cause for arguments in the home. It is useful where school related activities are consolidated and enriched with the support and encouragement of parents.


8.45am – School begins; Learning Time
10.30am – 10 minute brain food time. All children require morning tea
10.40am – 11.00am – Interval
11.00 am – 12.30pm – Learning Time
12.30pm – 1.15pm – Lunch Time
1.15pm – 2.40pm – Learning Time

Children are welcome at school from 8.15 am.
We do not operate short days


Most of our year six children move on to Whakatane Intermediate School.  The Intermediate is very welcoming and keeps in close contact with our staff especially in Term 4 in order to place your child in the most suitable class. If your child does not intend going to Whakatane Intermediate it is useful to let the Allandale School Office know prior to the completion of the School Year.


A group of Year 6 children are selected as our school leaders. These pupils are included in our special leadership programme.


Learning is what our school is about.  We provide a robust education in the core subjects and lots of opportunities for children to develop their skills and talents in the social sciences, science and technology, the arts, physical education and sport, environmental education, Te Ao Maori, leadership and music.  We put in a lot of effort in ensuring that children understand what they are learning.  That age old question “what did you learn at school today?” is a great one and should be answered in a specific and articulate manner by your children.


Children are not to leave the school grounds for any reason during the school day unless parents request them to do so in writing or in person. Please do not take children away from school during the  school day unless the class teacher or the office has been informed.


We have a fantastic library and computer suite. We call it our “Discovery Centre”.


Lost property is situated in the containers by the sandpit and is available for parents to view during the school day.

On the final day of each term the lost property is displayed. Unclaimed (unnamed) items are given to charity. Please encourage your children to look for their lost property promptly. We make every effort to return clothing to owners, but this is very difficult if clothing is not named.


Bought lunches are ordered through school and provided by Dohboy’s Bake Shack on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The school runs a fundraising sausage sizzle on a Friday. Children are not permitted to leave the school to buy lunches. Parents will be advised of items that may be ordered and the current prices.  

Lunch money should be put in an envelope or purse, as money carried in the hand is easily lost. Where possible, correct money should be given to the child.

Allandale is a ‘Health Promoting School’ so children are not allowed to bring lollies, drink  sachets or jelly crystals, fizzy drinks, caffeine-based drinks or large packets of snack foods (chips). 


All money brought to school should be in a sealed envelope with the child’s name, the amount and what it is for written clearly on the outside.  The envelope should be handed to the teacher or school office as appropriate.


We send home a newsletter every Thursday to let parents know what is happening in our school.  It would be great if you could read this through with your child. If you do not receive your newsletter – check those schoolbags first! Spare copies are available from the school office or can be viewed on the school website:  If you would like a copy of the newsletter emailed to you, please forward your email address to the school office.


Please let the school know as soon as possible if you have any concerns. Do not let things fester.  Keep the communication lines open. Make contact with Teachers or the Principal in that order, and hopefully we can work out any problems together.


The school welcomes parent help in a variety of ways.

Firstly check with the class teacher on how you can best help.  Needs of teachers vary from class to class and levels of the school.

Assistance may be given accordingly:

  • Help with the reading programme
  • Help with school trips, camps, sporting outings
  • Library assistance
  • Coaching of school sports teams
  • Working bees
  • Parent Tutor Reading
  • Returning of readers and resources

As you can see there are many ways that you can help Allandale Primary School be the best school ever.  Read your newsletter every Thursday and you will be able to respond.


Very limited parking is available through our King St entrance. The entrance is locked at 8.15am and 2.30pm – 2.50pm. for the safety of our children. Please never park in the school access way on King Street. The best place to pick children up after school is on Alexander Ave.


This is patrolled by children with supervision, between 8.15 – 8.45am  and 2.40 – 3.00pm daily on King St.  A ‘Kea’ crossing also operates on Bridge St and Alexander Ave after school each day.  Children are urged to go straight home after school.  Any arrangements to go to friends’ houses after school must be made with friends and parents beforehand. Parents are urged to use the pedestrian crossing and reinforce our road safety procedures especially when       collecting their children after school.


Peer Mediators operate in the school playground during interval and luncthime.  These school leaders are especially trained to deal with low level conflict in the playground.  In Term 1 all children at Allandale School are taught the skills of conflict resolution.


The Board of Trustees and Staff accept no responsibility in the case of loss or damage to valuables or articles brought to school.  While all reasonable care is taken and efforts made to find property lost, the responsibility rests with the owner.  We prefer children to keep small toys and play things at home – many are alike, they are difficult to name, can be easily lost and may be a distraction to others.


These are taken once a year, usually in Term 1 — class, individual/family portraits.  There is no obligation to buy.


Children who wish to go and play with friends after school must have arranged this activity with both sets of parents the day before.  They may not ring their parents from school for this purpose.


These are held biennially – alternate years.


When children turn six, their reading and written language are assessed, and if teachers feel that children would benefit from one-to-one instruction they are recommended for the Reading Recovery Programme.  Parents will always be kept informed about their child’s progress.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions if you do not understand the process.


Between March and November each year, Year 5 and 6 children can attend religious       instruction in the school Hall on a Thursday morning between 9.00 – 9.30am.  The number of classes taken depends on the availability of the visiting volunteers. 

All children attend unless parents are not in favour.  Lessons are Board of Trustees approved.  Children who do not attend Bible classes work in class under supervision.


We have formal opportunities to report the progress of your child throughout the year. In February we have a ‘meet the teacher’ BBQ with regular reporting after that.

Formal written reports are sent home in June and November.  Students in their first year of school will also receive a report from the teacher after one month at school.

If you would like to see your child’s teacher at any time,  please phone the school office for an appointment. Please understand that teachers are often involved in after-school meetings so they may not be able to see you if you just turn up.


We strongly promote zero tolerance to violence in our school.  This means that no one person has the right to hit any other person.  No one person has the right to intimidate any other person in any way.  It also means that it is “okay to tell” if you are being bullied.

Assemblies, newsletters, class lessons and parent meetings will reinforce this message.  The school has a Behaviour Management Policy which is regularly under review.

The Board of Trustees has a discipline  sub-committee which deals with serious cases of discipline as warranted.


From time to time children get sick and our caring office staff may contact you if there is a problem.  Please ensure your child is well enough to return to school if they are experiencing illness.


We do not allow skateboards at school during the school day and they are not permitted in the school out-of-school hours because of past damage caused.


We have 3 bilingual classes (Māori and English) which cater for Year 1 and 2, Year 3 and 4 students and Year 5 and 6 students. Families opt in to these bilingual classes in Term 4 each year. They are very popular.

All of our Year 5/6 classes are e-learning classes. This means that each student will have access to an individual Google Chromebook. Families who wish to purchase their Chromebooks can do so and then children are allowed to take their Chromebooks home.


Our school recognizes that there are children who require special assistance to meet their educational and social needs.  This includes children with special abilities.  We have a Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) and we are committed to providing assistance within the resources and time available to it.


We encourage all children to become involved in one or many sports. Teaching the fundamental skills of sport begins at Year 1. Children have equipment from the gear shed available at break times. Sporting skills are taught in all codes by teachers through a very balanced Physical Education programme. Saturday sport in winter is a strength of the school in soccer, hockey and netball with parents keen to train and coach. In these codes, the teams play under the banner of Allandale School. Rugby is played in the JAB Club competition.

Our Physical Education programme embraces swimming, cross-country and athletics. Inter-School competition across many sporting codes is part of the planning School Sports Association’s annual programme.

If you, as parents have special skills in coaching and managing teams please do not be shy to become involved. Tell us of your talents!


Allandale Primary School employs only the best staff.  At the end of the previous year parents are advised as to the placement of their children.  If you have any questions about staff please make an appointment to see the Principal.


At the end of the previous year or when your child enrols he/she will be given a stationery list.  Stationery purchases can be made from Warehouse Stationery, or Office Products Depot on the Strand.


In 2017, hats were made a compulsory part of Allandale School’s uniform.  Throughout Term 1 and Term 4, the school requires that all children and staff wear sunhats for outdoor activities, at intervals and lunchtimes.  All adults at our school are encouraged to model sun safe behaviour.


Swimming is an important part of our Physical Education programme.  We are fortunate to have a fine pool which is solar heated and good changing facilities and we want to use it as often as possible.  All children are expected to take part in the swimming programme.

Please send a note or call the school if for any reason your child is unable to go swimming on a particular day.  It is a good idea to send togs and towels in a plastic or beach bag.  Please name all gear.


Trips and Outdoor Education are an integral part of the school programme and we encourage all children to take part in any out of school activity.  Some of these trips cost money. Please let us know if payment is a problem because we can often help out.


Everything we do at school reflects our values. At Allandale School we develop such values as confidence, consideration, creativity, determination, diligence, enthusiasm, excellence,
flexibility, generosity, honesty, humility, patience, perseverance, reliability, responsibility, tact, tolerance and trust. We do however, focus our students on being KIND. We encourage our children to be an ‘Allandale kind of kid’ who is one of a kind. We focus on being kind to ourselves, kind to others and kind to the environment. Our children are the learning kind, the achieving kind and the community kind. The focus for most of our assemblies is on one of these “kinds”.

Allandale Primary School

Allandale Primary School

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