Term 2 – Week 11, 25 June 2020

Tēnā koutou e aku rangatira,

Our term is moving quickly towards the holidays. To celebrate what our children have been doing in response to Covid 19 and after, during this term we are focusing on learning reports on the key competencies. Thinking, relating to others, using language, symbols and text, managing self and participating and contributing.

Our reports will be sent home next Friday. To support these our teachers will be providing learning stories and parent interviews next term.

There will be no newsletter next week, being last week of Term 2. Everyone enjoy the two week holiday break, stay safe.

Adrianne McAllister Principal

Student Journalist Report:
Emmanuel Gerrard-Collier – Emmanuel is a year 4 student and a Rm 11 attendant at Allandale School
What is your favourite sport? He really enjoys hockey for he has had very many encounters with adrenalin during hockey and wishes he could do it more often.
Who’s been your favourite teacher so far? His favourite teacher would easily be Whaea Te Rumate coming close behind in 2nd place is Whaea Shelley.
What’s your favourite food and why? He loves medium rare ribs on a cold winter day.
What is your favourite thing to do at school? He loves writing, the tasks that his teacher sets him to do, and also enjoys writing about his day in creative writing time.

Cairo Smith – Cairo is a year 2 student and a Rm 13 attendant at Allandale School

What is your favourite sport? His favourite is definitely soccer because he finds it fun to interact with his friends whilst doing something he loves.
Who’s been your favourite teacher so far? I’d have to say my favourite teacher is Whaea Maia, because she makes learning fun, and is always happy

What’s your favourite food and why? Sushi because of the flavour combinations when he dips it in soy sauce

By Quinn & Conrad _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Sports Report:


While the rest of Whakatane football was cancelled due to the weather, Allandale’s golden swarm was determined the show would go on.

The 9th grade Strikers played Whakatane Town. We controlled the game throughout and collected a well deserved win 6-3, with the Players of the Day being Jack Bonne and Cole Charteris.

There was a battle of the two Allandale teams in the 8th grade. The Ninjas played the Tornadoes in a very competitive game that ended in a draw. The Tornadoes Player of the Day was the well deserved Katarina Sattler. The Ninjas Player of the Day was Alexis Eyre who has been a trojan horse for this team. We were very grateful to the 2 players who helped us make up numbers this week. They were great role models for our players so thanks to Lachlan MacKay and Harry Rampling.

Unfortunately the 7th grade was cancelled. The weather looks a little wet again this week so listen to 1xx for cancellations and if you cannot make your game please let your coach know.

Soccer 8th Grade Ninjas and Tornadoes


The senior hockey team held its first practise this week. Thanks to Ari Goodman for stepping up to coach this season.

The year3 and 4 team will practise this Friday at lunchtime. Play begins next term for these teams.


Netball for year 5 and 6 will begin Saturday 25th July (Week 1 Term 3) from 12pm.

At present we are awaiting news of a refund date for all other teams. Please return your netball uniform to the school office.

Allandale Fun Run

Next Tuesday 30th we are holding the Allandale School Fun Run during the middle block. This is a house colours event for all ages. Please get your colours ready to show off.

The children are expected to come to school in their school uniform and then they will change into their colours at morning tea. The planned course ends in the slippery slide to the finish line so come with your uniform and a towel ready to change into after the event.

School Uniforms Upcoming Events Please make sure all school uniforms are named July 3 Last Day Term

20 Term 3 starts
August 3 Board of Trustees Meeting 5.30pm