Term 2: Week 8 – 4.6.2020

Kia Ora Whānau, All our students and staff are enjoying these warm winter days. Our school aim is to provide our students with multiple opportunities to explore learning. The junior team have begun Learning Through Play and there is a lot of exploration going on from building gardens with play dough, designing bird feeders to hang in our trees, to paper plane design and flying competitions. The middle team have moved their Maker Space into the hall and the space is allowing the students to explore a creative way of learning. There are children constructing, building, designing, re-designing. Thank you, Adrianne McAllister
Sports Report Soccer begins for 8th and 9th grade teams this Saturday 6th June. Allandale 8th Grade Ninjas play at Awakeri School Fields at 9am. Please be there at 8.40am to prepare.
Allandale 8th Grade Tornadoes play at Allandale School at 10.30am. Please be there at 10.10am to prepare.
Allandale 9th Grade Strikers play at 9.00am at Allandale School Field. Please be there at 8.30am to prepare.
Please remember social distancing and bring your own named drink bottle to the game. It is important you are at the venue before your game time to meet your coach and prepare so please be prompt. If for any reason you cannot make your game please text your coach or myself asap. 6/7th Grade games​ will begin the following weekend, June 13th and all games will be played at Warren Park (beside hockey turf on Eivers Rd) at 10.30am. You will need to be there at 10.15am to prepare. We still have spaces for any soccer players turning 8 or 9yr old this season. Please text Ms G if you are interested 27 2908219. Netball The Whakatane Netball Association is yet to make a decision as to what is happening with netball this year. We will notify you as soon as they have made a decision. Hockey Hockey is due to begin week 1 of next term, term 3. If your child is interested in playing hockey please fill out the following form and return it to the school office before Friday the 12th June. —————————————————————————————– I would like my child ______________________ from room _____ to play hockey for Allandale School. The cost of this is likely to be approx $55.00 for year 3/4 or $65.00 for year 5/6.
Student Journalist report: Cordene Cordene is a year 5 student (age 9) in room 2
How does it feel being a new student at Allandale? It feels different because you have so many new friends and also being in a new class is a big challenge as well.
Do you like the school grounds?
“I enjoy the grounds because of all the activities and space and the wonderful new playgrounds and environment.”
What has been your biggest challenge coming back from lockdown? Her biggest challenge was adapting and getting used to the school routines that we were in prior to Covid-19. Hukanui Hukanui is a year 6 student age 10 in room 12
How do you feel being back after lockdown: Hukanui was happy about going back to school to see his friends and teacher.
Do you like the school grounds? He really enjoys the flying fox because of the adrenaline when he does it. He also spends a bit of his time on the bikes/bike track.
What has been your biggest challenge coming back from lockdown? His biggest challenge has been trying not to get any more injuries, which he has had a lot of since he has come back from lockdown. By Quinn & Conrad
Covid 19 Response with school ●  No Credit Union school banking until term 3. Feel free to take it in to Credit Union on the Strand. ●  We have the mobile dental clinic on site. Please contact them on 0212448925. Scheduled appointments only. ●  Please remember if you child is feeling unwell keep them home. ●  Drink Bottles​: With water fountains closed due to Covid 19, all students need to bring their own named drink bottles daily. ●  No shop lunch orders or sausage sizzles at presentAllandale KIND of kids As we settle back into school this week, teachers have been reinforcing an important message: What it means to be an Allandale Kid ★ Kind to Myself – Chase Wahrlich
★ Kind to Others – Karati-Te Whetu Paniora ★ Kind to the Environment – C- Jay Clay
★ The Learning Kind – Calvin Ou
★ The Achieving Kind – Nasa Dewes
★ The Community Kind – Brayden Butler The buckets are filling up with entries as we eagerly await the Allandale Kind of Kid prize draw on Monday morning!
Community Notice: Whakatane Marist Whakatane Marist is currently needing players in both the U6 and U8 grades – If your child is interested in playing please register
them directly @ ​www.sporty.co.nz​ or follow the links on our Facebook page. Whakatane Marist JAB
June 15 July 3 July 20 Board of Trustees meeting Last Day Term 2
Term 3 starts