Term 2: Week 9 – 11.6.2020
Kia Ora Whānau, 
Now that we are at Alert Level 1 we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for all your support. We couldn’t be prouder that we live in a country where people are the most important thing. Great work Aotearoa!Over our response to Covid 19 Allandale School has implemented a lot of policies and procedures and we would like to get some feedback from our whānau and school community.Management is currently asking our teachers these questions…What did we do well? What would we change? What will we continue to do?Our teachers are currently also asking their students these questions and we would like to ask for feedback from our whānau and school community.Please send an email to or contact the school.learnalot@allandale.school.nzprincipal@allandale.school.nzerinlgreen@gmail.comStaff, student and whānau voice is valued at Allandale School.
Message from the Board:Level 1 at Allandale -Congratulations again everyone on moving as a country into Alert Level 1. We’re really excited about being able to interact with our wider school community again and resume all the activities that have been on hold in Level 2, like winter sports. All whānau are again welcome and encouraged to come into our school grounds at drop-off and pick-up without having to sign the contract tracing register. Our staff have enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with some whānau this week and look forward to reconnecting with all our whānau over the coming days. Thanks again for all your support and do let us know if you have any questions about how the school operates under Level 1.   
Sports ReportSoccer Has Begun: Last weekend marked the beginning of the soccer season for all our 8th and 9th grade teams. It was a great start to the season with the Allandale Tornadoes playing a very well practised Awakeri. The Player of the Day was Jahzel Rahipere-Taitapanui, who was brilliant at keeping the ball in play and helping out with speedy feet was little brother Vilin. The Allandale Ninjas played at Awakeri School and had a really exciting game to start the season. Ivy Van der Aa was like a trojan horse powering through the opposition and receiving the Player of the Day. Max’s masters, the Allandale 9th Grade Strikers played St Josephs School in a great game. The team played well and will look forward to a ‘striking’ season.   Allandale 8th Grade Ninjas play at 9am at Allandale School Field against Plains Strikers. Please be there by 8.40am. Allandale 8th Grade Tornadoes play at 9am at Rex Morpeth Park Field 7 against Whk Town Avengers. Please be there by 8.40am. Allandale 9th Grade Strikers play at 9am at Tarawera Park Field 4 against Kawerau Sports Red Devils. Please be there at 8.30am. 
Netball: Still no news from the netball association about whether they are going ahead or not, so we will keep you updated as we know more.
Hockey: Hockey will begin week 1 of next term. I will finalise the teams next week and begin practises. Please fill out a registration form (available from the school office) and return it asap.  The fees are likely to be approx $55 for year 3/4 or $65 for year 5/6
Student Journalist report:Harry Houllbrooke – Harry is a Rm 6 student and a Year 3 at Allandale School.What is a fun thing you enjoy doing in Whakatane?  He enjoys going on walks, playing with his brothers on their swing and very bouncy trampoline.What is your favourite food and why? He loves wild blackberries for the tenderness and  sweetness that every succulent berry has inside of itWhat has been your biggest achievement so-far in school? He is extremely proud of getting a soccer trophy from the Allandale School team.Who has been your favourite teacher at this school? My favourite teacher would  definitely have to be Ms.G 
Maia Tongariro – Maia is a Rm 9 student and a Year 4 at Allandale  School.  What is one thing you enjoy doing in Whakatane? She loves going fishing with her dad and brother at the Whakatane bridge.What has been your biggest achievement at school so far?  She was really proud when she realised she had been picked for GOTCHA! And her name was also put in the bucket to be picked out.Who is your favourite teacher? Whaea Debbie for sure!What is your favourite sport? Soccer by far
By Quinn & Conrad                 
  Allandale KIND of Kids
Kind to Myself – Rawina Devon Kind to Others –  Elena KiteKind to the Environment – Emmanuel Gerrard-CollierThe Learning Kind –  Kaedis Christian-MansellThe Achieving Kind – Jah-Zyah Niwha-HiremeThe Community Kind – Lily-Rose Nel
The buckets are filling up with entries as we eagerly await the Allandale Kind of Kid prize draw on Monday morning.
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Community Notice: 
SPELD Tutoring Hi, my name is Patricia and I work with children who struggle to keep up with their peers. I am a Speld NZ teacher and can provide evidence-based strategies and tools that will facilitate your child’s academic achievement.Specific Learning Difficulties (SLD) such as dyslexia (a learning disorder that can cause difficulties with reading, writing and spelling) and dyscalculia (a pattern of difficulties characterized by problems processing numerical information, learning arithmetic facts and performing accurate or fluent calculations). This can affect the way your child achieves at school. I can help  If you need assistance send me an email.  Teacher: Patricia Sabourin nableyou@gmail.com    I look forward to supporting your child to reach their goals.