Enrolment Information

Allandale Enrolment Zone


Allandale School operates a Ministry of Education directed enrolment scheme. Students living outside the school zone may be able to enrol as space allows.

The best thing to do if you wish to enrol, whether you are in zone or not, is to complete a pre-enrolment form which will begin the process. If you would like a pre-enrolment form you can download it here.

We do not accept ‘same day starts’. Students may have to wait a day or two after their enrolment is accepted before they can start school.

New entrants ( 5 year olds) are encouraged to contact us early so we can plan for their arrival and ensure that the transition to school is a smooth one. School visits are usually a part of this process.

Our Principal and Deputy Principals are the best people to contact about this.

Allandale Primary School

Allandale Primary School

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