12 April 2018  –  Term 1  –  Week 11

Tēnā koutou e aku rangatira,

Wow!  It has been a busy 11 weeks, and I can hardly believe that the first Term of 2018 has flown by so quickly!  I have always found that holidays in schools come just when you need them most, so I hope everyone is able to take full advantage of the opportunity and re-charge.

I sincerely wish everyone a happy and safe holiday, and I look forward to seeing our tamariki again on April 30th!

Teacher Only Day Feedback

On Thursday, March 29th staff from Allandale School joined our colleagues from across the Whakatāne Community of Learning in a professional development conference held at Trident High School.  In addition to a range of inspiring workshops, we were given the opportunity to catch up on the latest in educational research from Nathan Mikaere Wallis.  Nathan is a world-renown lecturer on educational neuroscience, and shared important information about the nature of brain development with our staff.  Some of the highlights of Nathan’s talk included the following research-based conclusions:

  • Every person needs at least one consistent, supportive relationship in their lives. This is called the dyad, and it meets the most primal of human needs.  Nathan has a great video providing more information on the dyad at: https://youtu.be/_UWbCnv1vno.
  • Pushing children to learn skills they aren’t ready for takes time away from developing the skills they are ready for, and can damage their image of themselves as learners.
  • Nothing stimulates the human brain (at any stage of life) more than face-to-face interaction with another person. Interaction through a screen (television, ICTs, phones) have nowhere near the same effect.
  • The ability to be resilient (bounce back from stress) is a spectrum, and factors that lead to low resilience can be offset by factors that improve resilience. These include learning a second language, learning a musical instrument, maintaining a pattern of regular physical exercise, and learning about your culture and language.

Overall, it was an amazing day, and what we learned could have some significant implications for teaching and learning!

Top School

Sunday 25th of March, Kaedyn Thrupp, Matiaha Raynes-Turnbull, Tekaumarua Christie, Traize Jobe, Ali Cole, Mania Wallace , Alizae Tahu and Jaya Wipaki -Kameta  represented Allandale School by participated in the Awakeri Top School Event. The day consisted of 5 events. Bungee, Castle, Thread the needle, Up, up and away, and the Magic carpet. Despite the rain these children pushed on and still had a smile of their faces.

Allandale School was placed 4th overall for the Year 5 and 6 children. It was such a great day full of fun and laughter.

Junior Netball

No Junior Netball for the next 3 weeks – enjoy the break.

School Leaders

Yesterday, we held a Senior Assembly to announce our school leaders for 2018. Congratulations to all our students who received badges and roles yesterday. It was a very difficult selection process with many applicants.  Our leaders for 2018 are:

Head Librarians: Bailey Dowzall, Alysha Gillard, Makayla Wood, Isaiah Shelford-Tuki

Road Patrol Leaders: Kaedyn Thrupp, Zoe Thomas, Tekaumarua Christie

Road Patrollers: Holden Phillips, Kirk Dalton, Kalani Nikora-Hetaraka, Renae Kiripia-Ihe, Osheana Corbett, Jaya Wipaki-Kameta, Stella Hunter-Keno, Tyla van Alphen, Trev Otto, RJ Barlow, Ella Baxter, Sevanee Rota, Hannah Hunt, Bailey Dowzall, Nyoka Tamati, Kaylee Lawlor, Keryn Sleep, Logan Tiney, Baxter Edelsten, Brroke Power, Michael Hunter, Mania Wallace, Makayla Wood, Alizae Tahu, Isaiah Shelford-Tuki, Riki Dalton, Traize Jobe

Student Mentor Leader: Alizae Tahu

Student Mentors: Ja’ceau Glynn, Jachin Galbraith, Jaden Ohlson, Lily Hayward, Maddy Cochrane, Mahia Harrison, Makayla Wood, Neveah Hiko, Osheana Corbett, Portia Clay, Iraia Ohlson-Wallwork, Shane Redmond, Andie Martin, Ninni Hyotynen, Kovee Pierce, Riki Dalton, Kalani Nikora-Hetaraka, Oliver Christie

Peer Mediator Leader: Oliver Christie

Peer Mediators: Stella Hunter-Keno, Shane Redmond, Brooke Power, Portia Clay, Amaro Patangata, Sosaia Palaimaea, Ethan Pritchard, Tekaumarua Christie, Isaiah Shelford-Tuki, Mahia Harrison, Traize Jobe, Makayla Wood, Lily Hayward, Maddy Cochrane, Riki Dalton, Kaedyn Thrupp, Keryn Sleep

School Leaders: Ella Baxter, Renae Kiripa-Ihe, Jaden Ohlson, Jasper House, Jaya Wipaki-Kameta, Kaedyn Thrupp, Kaylee Lawlor, Kirk Dalton, Logan Tiney, Mania Wallace, Matiaha Raynes-Turnbull, Portia Clay, Stella Hunter-Keno, Tekaumarua Christie, Traize Jobe, Tyla Van Alphen, Xavier Christie, Zoe Thomas, Ali Cole, Joella Anderson

We will again announce and celebrate these leaders on our first day back next term after our pōwhiri along with our Librarians.

 Drop Off and Pick Up

Whakatāne District Council has asked the school to remind our families to please remember to keep your vehicle off the dashed yellow lines on King and Alexander Streets when dropping off and picking up children from the school.  You are also reminded that the disability parking spots near the school are reserved for whānau with appropriate placards.  Parking Wardens continue to be out on these streets in order to ensure that our families are complying with these restrictions.

Parents, caregivers and whānau are also asked to remind your children to use the crosswalks on King St., Bridge St. and Alexander Ave.  With the resurfacing of King Street over the past few weeks, we have noticed a rise in the number of students running across the road.  The crosswalks are there to ensure that our tamariki are safe on these busy streets, and it is very important that they are used.  Thank you!

Upcoming Events

April                13         Ki O Rahi Competition

April                13         Last day of Term 1

April                30         First day of Term 2