Week 9:  27 June 2019

Tēnā koutou e aku rangatira,

Wow!  Term 2 has been a very busy one, and I can hardly believe that the weeks have flown by so quickly!  Next week will be the last week of the Term, and the holidays are just around the corner. 

I have always found that holidays in schools come just when you need them most, so I hope everyone is able to take full advantage of the opportunity and re-charge.  The next Term holds new challenges and new opportunities for us all, and I am very enthusiastic about meeting them together.  I sincerely wish everyone a safe and happy holiday, and I look forward to seeing our tamariki again in Term 3!


The repeal of National Standards last year brought a change in the way schools report to parents, caregivers and whānau.  Instead of reporting on student achievement in relation to National Standards on anniversaries of the dates children started school, we are now reporting on student progress at regular intervals. 

On Wednesday, July 3rd and again at the end of the year, all Allandale families will receive a written report on the progress that your children have made since the beginning of the year.  These reports will focus on the steps that they have achieved in Numeracy and Literacy, and on the progress they have made in all other areas of the curriculum, including Key Competencies like Managing Self, Relating to Others, and Critical Thinking.  Parents of 5-year olds who have just started school will also receive a written report on how your child has transitioned into their new classroom after their first Term.

At least twice during the year, classroom teachers will also be in touch with whānau to arrange convenient times to sit down and discuss the progress your tamariki have made, their next steps, and how you can help at home.  These meetings are in addition to all of the regular contact classroom teachers make throughout the year.

Despite the repeal of National Standards, Allandale School still has benchmarks for progress and achievement.  Instead of focusing on whether or not students have met that benchmark, however, we are now focused on next steps for all of our children, and on ensuring that everyone makes steady progress throughout the year.  For more information on this shift in priority, you are encouraged to speak with your child’s teacher.


Last Friday (June 21st) Allandale School embraced our diverse culture as we shared and experienced food, clothing, art, music, and language from all around the world!  Tamariki wore appropriate dress from other countries and ethnicities as we took part in activities that celebrate multiculturalism.  It was a great day, and everyone had a wonderful time!


It is vital that the school is able to contact the parents, caregivers and whānau of each of our students in the event of an emergency.  We ask that all Allandale families please get in touch with the school office on (07) 308-7645 or at learnalot@allandale.school.nz to update contact information for your child(ren).  Thank you!


A small group of our top runners travelled to Kaharoa in Rotorua on Tuesday to compete in the Bay of Plenty Cross-Count ry event.  The weather was perfect and the races turned into phenomenal sprints.   Our team gave it their all.  Well done, Rowan Lambley, Phoebe Jones, Neela Hyotynen, Caleb O’Neill and Sean Jones.


A particularly nasty flu is making its presence felt in our community.  Symptoms are all the usual flu ones: headaches, aches and pains, loss of energy, rashes, etc.  Schools are a very good place for such viruses to breed and be passed on with so many people in close proximity. Some simple health practices to avoid sickness this winter:

  • Wash hands thoroughly after toilet use and before eating
  • Cover mouth with elbow when sneezing
  • Use tissues to wipe noses (all classes have a supply of tissues)
  • Do not share drink bottles or food
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Eat healthy and exercise

If your child is showing any signs or symptoms of flu please make sure you seek medical advice as soon as possible, and ensure that you ring the school to let us know if your child is going to be off sick.  Thank you.


Please ensure your children’s sweatshirts are clearly named, so when they are left lying around the grounds, they can be returned.


Our supply of clothing to loan to students if they get wet or have toileting accidents has been depleted.  If your child has been loaned clothing, would you please ensure it is returned to school.  Thank you.

If you have any spare shorts or trackpants your children have grown out of that you no longer need and you are happy to donate to school, these would be very gratefully received.

BOP RUGBY HOLIDAY PROGRAMME Rugby Park, Whakatane 9.00 a.m. – 2.30 p.m Tuesday 9th July Cost:  $20.00 Email: reception@boprugby.co.nz to register
DANCE, CREATE, PERFORM HOLIDAY PROGRAMME Allandale School Hall 8 – 12 July For more details or to book a spot, Phone: Susan Nel  0212105119 Email: dancecreateperform@gmail.com