Term 3, 2019:  Week 2

Tēnā koutou e aku Rangatira,

As we come to the end of the second week of Term 3, students and teachers have made the shift back into their classroom routines.  The weeks to come hold new challenges for our tamariki, with New Zealand Maths Week and the Science Roadshow quickly approaching, and many more exciting events just around the corner!

Kia tau te rangimārie,

Drew Manning (Principal)


With the number of measles cases in Aotearoa New Zealand on the rise, schools have been contacted by the Ministry of Education and the local District Health Board to ensure that our immunisation registers are up to date.

In the event that a student or staff member of the school is diagnosed with measles or other communicable disease, the school would follow instructions from the Chief Medical Officer of the Eastern Bay.  We have been advised that the likely outcome would be the stand-down of all staff and students who have not been immunised or for whom we have no information until such time as symptoms would have a chance to show.  At the moment we have incomplete immunisation information on almost 200 students.

We are asking that all parents, caregivers and whānau ensure that Allandale School has up-to-date immunisation information for your child(ren).  Next week, a notice will go home to the families of all students with unknown immunisation status.  Please note that New Zealand does not require immunisation in order to attend state schools.  We just need to ensure that our records are up to date, in the event that we need to know.

If you have any questions about Allandale School’s immunisation policy, please contact the office.


Keeping Ourselves Safe is a comprehensive child protection programme developed for students at all levels of schooling.  This term, in co-operation with the New Zealand Police, Allandale School will be delivering this programme to students at all levels of the school. 

Parents, whanau and caregivers of students in these classes are invited to attend an information session in Te Kaitiaki o Mōtueka (the school hall) on Thursday 15th September starting at 2:45pm.


With all of the wonderful bread and buns they have been supplying for our tamariki and whānau, Allandale School is excited to support Wattie’s “Cans for Good” as we help stock our local Salvation Army Foodbanks.

“Cans for Good” will be running for two weeks, from August 5th to August 16th.  During this time, tamariki are asked to please bring donations of canned goods in to the school office.  Together we can make a difference!

Last year Wattie’s Cans for Good collected 62,000 cans and Wattie’s generously donated additional cans taking the number to over 90,000. This significant contribution helps to make up food parcels for those Kiwis who need food assistance, dealing with New Zealand’s rising living costs.  Thanks to Allandale whānau for being The Community Kind!


Allandale School’s Year 6 Road Patrollers have just completed a refresher training course provided by Constable Maree of the NZ Police.  During that training, students were asked about any incidents that they had found concerning.  The main issues were:

  • Children (and parents) failing to use the marked and patrolled crossings.  This is of particular concern on King Street, which is very busy at the beginning and the end of the day.
  • Students riding their bikes or scooters across the crossing.  Whānau, please remind your tamariki that they need to get off their bike/scooter and walk across the crossing.
  • Students running across the crossing.  While the Road Patrollers are careful to ensure that all is clear before the signs are put out, children need to take care in crossing the road and do so carefully.

If you can please have a kōrero with your children about these concerns, we would really appreciate it.  Thank you!


A reminder to families that at Allandale School, our classes begin at 8:45am.  Parents, caregivers and whānau are strongly encouraged to please ensure that your children are at school on time and ready to learn.  Students arriving after 8:45 create a disruption for teachers and the other students in the class.  Students arriving late are also missing out on socialization time with their friends before classes begin and, more importantly, are missing out on what has been proven to be some of the most valuable learning time of the day.  Thank you for your co-operation.


This Term Allandale School has seen an amazing flood of new entrant students to our New Entrant classrooms!  Thank you all for the faith and trust you place in us as staff of Allandale School!

If you or your family have a child turning five, we highly encourage you to take advantage of our Transition to School programme.  This programme generally starts about 4 weeks before a child’s 5th birthday and involves weekly visits with a carer to our new entrant classrooms.  This process serves to ease the child’s transition from Kōhanga, Kindergarten, or Early Childhood Centre to school, and gives the teacher time to familiarise them with the routines of the classroom so that they are more comfortable and happy on their first day.

If you have any questions or are interested in taking advantage of our Transition to School for your child, please contact the school office.

August 5th:   Board of Trustees Meeting             
August 7th:   EBOP Rugby, Soccer, Netball 7s
August 15th:   Keeping Ourselves Safe Parent, Whanau & Caregivers information session.
August 21st:  Tough Boy/Girl Challenge