7 November 2019  –  Term 4  –  Week 4

Tēnā koutou e aku Rangatira,

As the weather continues to warm up, we move into the mid-point of our final Term of 2019.  As always, the students and staff of Allandale School continue to work hard to ensure that these next few weeks are engaging and productive.  Before we know it the end of the school year will be upon us!

Kia tau te rangimarie,

Drew Manning



Congratulations to Allandale School student Phoebe Jones, who was nominated to receive 2019 Young Achievers Award!  On Monday, Phoebe joined a select group of young people from the Eastern Bay who have attained National or International recognition for their sporting or academic achievements over the past year.  Congratulations to Phoebe and all 2019 Young Achievers Award recipients!


We are in the process of organising our classes for 2020.  We need your co-operation to ensure things run smoothly.

Bilingual (English – Te Reo Māori) Classes

An ‘Expression of Interest’ notice was sent home two weeks ago with the newsletter.  Placements in our Bilingual Classes are expected to be very competitive for 2020, and spots will be allocated on a “first come – first served” basis.  Please note that Expressions of Interest close tomorrow.

2020 Class Placement Information

If you would like us to consider anything about the placement of your child for next year, please complete the form that was on last week’s newsletter.  We will be doing our best to ensure your child is in a class where they are happy and learning.  The goal is for all our classes is to have a sensible balance of gender, ethnicity, and with manageable ability groups. It’s a tricky job!  Please note that this is not an opportunity to request a particular teacher. All of our teachers are experts in what they do.

Time Frames

As mentioned above, organising our classes is tricky. Please return the ‘Expression of Interest’ for the bilingual classes and ‘Class Placement’ forms the end of the day tomorrow. Once the classes are organised it becomes very difficult to make adjustments.  Please help us by following the process now.


Here are some important dates for our students and their families transitioning to Whakatāne Intermediate School in 2020:

Wednesday, 31 October:  Bilingual staff and students from WIS visited Allandale School to speak with interested students

Tuesday, 26 November:  Year 6 Parents Evening at WIS (6:30-8:00pm)

Wednesday, 27 November:  Year 6 students visit for Orientation Day (9:30am)


With spring upon us, this is just a reminder that all students are required to have a navy-blue bucket hat or baseball cap at school at all times. 

These hats may have an Allandale School logo on them, but no other colours or logos will be permitted.  Students are now expected to have acceptable hats with them throughout Terms 1 and 4 and will not be permitted to wear hats that do not match the uniform.  If students do not have acceptable hats, they will be directed to the shaded areas, where they will remain until the end of play time. 



Earlier this year, a new Board of Trustees for Allandale School was elected.  With a few meetings under their belts, the new Board would like to take the opportunity to introduce themselves over the next few weeks.  They would also like to remind the Allandale community that they welcome questions, feedback, or ideas of any kind.  Everyone is encouraged to contact the Board through the school office, or directly by email at boardoftrustees@allandale.school.nz.


My name is Andy Galbraith and I have served on the Allandale School Board of Trustees for the past 4 years – the last couple of years as Chairman.

I have three children, Connor at Whakatāne Intermediate School, and Jachin (Year 6) and Gracie (Year 3) at Allandale.


Tēnā koutou. Ko Rebecca Mackay tōku ingoa. Ko Ngatitara tōku maunga. Ko Mangakahia tōku awa. No Kaikohe ahau. Kei Whakatāne tōku kāinga inaianei. Ko Allandale School tōku kura.

My name is Rebecca Mackay and I am proud to be part of our Allandale School whānau. I’ve been proud to serve on your Board of Trustees for part of the previous term.

I have two children at the school, Lachlan (Year 3) and Chloe (Year 1), and a mischievous third, Callum, who will call Allandale School his kura in a few years.


As you may be aware, the Ministry of Education has decided to offer schools the opportunity to accept increased funding if they agree to eliminate school donations.  The Board of Trustees of Allandale School has decided to accept the Ministry’s offer and will not be asking for donations from our whānau effective next year.  More information on this school donation scheme can be found at https://www.education.govt.nz/school/funding-and-financials/fees-charges-and-donations/


November          19           Inter-School Athletics

November          20           Super 6 Cricket – Rex Morpeth

December           3              BOP Athletics

December           18           Last day Term 4 – School closes at 12 noon



Yesterday, Allandale year 5 and 6 students together with a select group from the middle school enjoyed a fantastic day competing in a variety of athletic sports. Thanks to all the Allandale whanau who helped us make this event a success, supporting our tamariki. Results as below.


9 Yr  Girls             1st Miley Whitley                                              2nd  Asaiah Kinghazel Connelly

9 Yr  Boys            1st Conrad House                                              2nd   Kase Ireton

10 Yr Girls            1st Rony-Matina Rangiheuea- Akuhata    2nd   Tasmin Clay

10 Yr Boys           1st Luca Goodman                                            2nd  Chase Wipaki-Kameta

11 Yr Girls           1st Taylah Biddle                                               2nd Kaia Hiki

11 Yr Boys           1st Charles Dorrans                                          2nd Kiamarni Ngaheu

Long jump      

10 Yr Girls            1st Grace Turner                 2nd Ella-Marie Karikari

10 Yr Boys           1st Kyle Hanlen                  2nd  Luca Goodman

11 Yr Boys           1st  Ninni Hyotynen         2nd  Lily Hayward

11 Yr Boys           1st Sean Jones                    2nd  Kiamarni Ngaheu


9 Yr Girls              1st Ngahipora  Epiha-Aupouri      2nd Phoebe Jones

9 Yr Boys              1st Kase Ireton                                   2nd Conrad House

10 Yr Girls            1st Dekotta Henderson                    2nd Manawa Mahaki

10 Yr Boys           1st Luca Goodman                            2nd Jake Turner

11 Yr Girls           1st Taylah Biddle                               2nd Justine Peters

11 Yr Boys           1st Charles Dorrans                          2nd Kiamarni Ngaheu


9 Yr Girls              1st Miley Whitley                              2nd Myah Dunbar

9 Yr Boys             1st Reign Patangata                          2nd Conrad House

10 Yr Girls           1st Tasmin Clay                                  2nd Rony-Matina Rangiheuea-Akuhata

10 Yr Boys           1st Ryan Cole                                      2nd Chase Wipaki-Kamata

11 Yr Girls           1st Kaia Hiki                                       2nd Taylah Biddle

11 Yr Boys           1st Charles Dorrans                          2nd Kiamarni Ngaheu


9 Yr Girls – 100m               1st Asaiah Kinghazel         2nd Ngahipora Epiha-Aupouri

9 Yr Girls – 200m               1st Asaiah Kinghazel         2nd Ngahipora Epiha-Aupouri                     

9 Yr Boys – 100m              1st Conrad House              2nd Caleb O’Neil

9 Yr Boys – 200m              1st Conrad House              2nd Caleb O’Neil

10 Yr Girls – 100m            1st Alieta Whaanga          2nd Maddy Cochrane      

10 Yr Girls – 200m            1st Alieta Whaanga         2nd Maddy Cochrane 

10 Yr Girls – 400m            1st Myah Dunbar               2nd Jarra Teohaere

10 Yr Boys – 100m            1st Kyle Hanlen                  2nd Jake Turner                

10 Yr Boys – 200m            1st Kyle Hanlen   2nd Jake Turner                                 

10 Yr Boys – 400m            1st Conrad House              2nd Kase Ireton 

11 Yr Boys – 100m            1st Kiamarni Ngaheu       2nd Sean Jones

11 Yr Boys – 200m            1st Sean Jones                    2nd Kiamarni Ngaheu

11 Yr Boys – 400m            1st Sean Jones                    2nd Kiamarni Ngaheu

11 Yr Girls – 100m            1st Ninni Hyotynen          2nd Lily Hayward

11 Yr Girls – 200m            1st Ninni Hyotnen             2nd Terina Awatere-Kohunui

10 Yr Girls – 800m            1st Jarra Teohaere           

10 Yr Boys – 800m            1st Conrad House              2nd Luca Goodman

11 Yr Boys – 800m            1st Sean Jones                    2nd Shane Redmond