13 February 2020  –  Term 1  –  Week 3

Tēnā koutou e aku rangatira,

We sincerely hope that all of our whānau have had a great break with friends and family, and we welcome everyone back to another positive year at Allandale School. We’ve had a wonderful start to the new year with lots of happy children re-uniting with their friends and getting to know their teachers. We’ve had a large number of new enrolments to start the school year and were pleased to welcome so many new faces at our pōwhiri last week!


This year, Allandale School will be focused on KAWENA – Responsibility-  self-responsibility and collective responsibility. Responsibility is a very important virtue for us all to strengthen and celebrate. We will be concentrating on developing and recognising shared responsibility, personal responsibility, and responsibility for and with others. Responsibility for our learning, responsibility for our environment and communities. 

Allandale School is building the kawena we have with our students, our families, and our spaces throughout 2020 and we invite everyone to share this goal! What are our shared responsibilities and the responsibilities we have within our school, family/whānau? What are our responsibilities in Aotearoa New Zealand, and in our within local community? We invite you to share in building responsibility in order for help us to develop and  empower staff, students, our families, and our community.


We really appreciate the way you have prepared your children for a successful school year. Our tamariki have arrived in correct school uniform, have their stationery and their hats.  Swimming has begun, so please remember to send togs and towels. Please can you make sure all your child / ren’s school uniform, hats, togs are named. Thank you.


There are heaps of sporting opportunities for our children in our district.  We would love to be involved in everything that’s going but will need parent support. If you are able to prepare some children for a particular sport we’d love to hear from you so we can give our children every opportunity going.  Please contact the school office if you are able to help!

Help required –

We are in need of some parent help with touch rugby and the cycle challenge. Please see Ms Giordano in Room 6 or contact her on 027 2908219, thank you.


Friday                          14 February                Go by Bike Day

Tuesday                      25 February                EBOP Touch

Wednesday                26 February                Interschool Cycle Challenge

Friday                          28 February                Fun 4 u Yr  – 2

Monday                      3 March                      Allandale Swimming Sports – 8 Year olds up

Tuesday                      10 March                    Inter-School Swimming Sports

Tuesday                      24 March                    EBOP Cricket

Wednesday                18 March                    EBOP Swimming Sports

Thursday                     19 March                    Gate Pa Top School – Year 6  students only

Sunday                        22 March                    Awakeri Top School – Year 6 students only

Friday                          10 April                       Kiorahi


All the staff participated in bike awareness and safety training on Tuesday. We were taught games to play with our children to strengthen balance and coordination. Mrs Foster won the balance game and Mrs McAllister won the cat and mouse game. Fun times ahead.


Term 1            Friday 7th February     –           Thursday 10th April

Term 2            Tuesday April 28        –           Friday 3rd July    

Term 3            Monday 20th July        –           Friday 25th September

Term 4            Monday 12th October –          Friday 18th  December

                        Easter Weekend         Falls during school holidays

                        Queen’s Birthday       Monday 1st June

                        Labour Day                 Monday 26th October


Please keep this handy so you can support us in your child’s learning partnership.

Please ensure:

  • that your child has correct school uniform – our blue and gold is a source of pride, and is compulsory at Allandale School;
  • that this uniform includes an unbranded navy blue hat to be worn at school every day in Term 1 and Term 4;
  • that, if your child/ren are going to be absent from school for any reason, you please phone 3087645 and report the absence on the answer phone before 9am – alternatively, you can text the school on  021 02501768;
  • that your child has breakfast every school morning – remember we do have a breakfast club available;
  • that your child has a healthy snack for morning tea (from 10.30 – 10.40 each morning children have ‘brain food’ in their classrooms – if they forget their morning tea, classroom teachers have snacks available supplied by Kids Can Trust);
  • that your child has water to drink at school (1/3 fill a drink bottle and put it in the freezer over night for a refreshing drink the next day). We have chilled water available from the central wonderland drinking fountain;
  • that the school has correct, up-to-date contact information;
  • that your child has a healthy lunch and a bag or lunch box to carry it in (a bread bag or ice cream container is just fine);
  • that, if you require the school to medicate your child/children, the appropriate authorising form is completed at the office so that office staff can administer;
  • that children are allowed to bike to Allandale School, but they must be on a safe bike, with a helmet and know the road rules;
  • that your child has their togs, towel and a bag to put them in each day their class has swimming (each class swims 3 times per week).

and just a reminder that:

  • the gate at the front of the school will be chained from 8:15-8:45 each morning and from 2:30-3:00 each afternoon. The gate is closed in order to ensure the safety of our students coming and going from school and will not be opened for anyone during these times;
  • Allandale School rules require all students with wheels under themselves (scooters, bikes, skateboards, heelies, rollerskates, etc) during school hours to have a helmet on their head. Students without a helmet will be asked to put their wheels away while they are at school;
  • there is a Staff meeting Tuesday after school.

there  is a team meeting Wednesday after school. Teachers will not be available at this time.

  • there is a Leadership Team meeting Monday after school, involving Mrs Tania Doherty, Ms Katrina Black, Whāea Ashton Thrupp, Ms Wendy Adamson, Mrs Mamta Naik, Whāea Deanna Gulliver, and Mrs Adrianne McAllister. At this time these staff members will not be available to meet. The best idea is to phone the school office and make an appointment.


                                                            SCHOOL ORGANISATION

Telephone Numbers (07) 3087645    School   Email learnalot@allandale.school.nz   Website www.allandale.school.nz   Facebook www.facebook.com/Allandale-School-Whakatane-472936389413946  

Management Team

Mrs Adrianne McAllister

Mrs Tania Doherty

Ms Katrina Black


Senior Team Leader – Whāea Ashton Thrupp

Pōhutakawa 1 – Whāea Ashton Thrupp

Tōtara 2 – Ms Hailey McLean

Rimu 3 – Mrs Kayley Foster

Kāhikatea 4 – Mrs Charlotte Swan


Middle Team Leader – Mrs Mamta Naik

Kōkako 5 – Mr Warwick Patterson

Kārearea 6 – Ms Janene Giordano

Kereru 9 – Whāea Debbie Hughes

Kōtare 10 – Mrs Mamta Naik


Junior Team Leader – Ms Wendy Adamson

Mokamoka 15 – Mrs Stacey Hanright

Titawai 16 – Mrs Mirinda Barkema

Kihikihi 17 – Mrs Sharon Benson

Pūrerehua 18 – Ms Marilyn van de Laar

Pepeke 19 – Ms Wendy Adamson

Reo Rua/Bilingual

Reo Rua/Bilingual Team Leader – Whāea Deanna Gulliver

Pūkeko 11 – Whāea Te Rumate Mahutoto

Kauri 12 – Whāea Deanna Gulliver

Kapokapowai 13 – Whāea Maia Connor

Māwhitiwhiti 14 – Whāea Moana Wilson

Literacy Support – Mrs Teresa Stewart


Office Manager – Mrs Josie Soppit

Human Resources Administrator – Mrs Kathy Munn

Pastoral Care Administrator – Mrs Kleesha Camburn

Teacher Aides

Teacher Aide – Renee Martin

Teacher Aide –   Sharon Smith                                                    Caretaker

Teacher Aide –   Tracey Watson                                                  Mr Davis Turanga                                            

Teacher Aide –   Teresa Hoefsloot                                              

Teacher Aide – Trent Taitapanui                                                Gardener

Teacher Aide  – Rachel Townsend                                               Shona Ferguson

Teacher Aide  – Amy Pikethley                                                   

Teacher Aide – Vaine Wirangi-Williams                                       Cleaners

Teacher Aide – Vanessa Thomas                                                 Mrs Sheila Evans

Kaiāwhina – Hine Savage                                                            Ms Jo Whakamoe

Librarian – Karen Searle                                                             Mr Davis Turanga