The curriculum of Allandale School has been developed around the belief that literacy and numeracy are of primary importance.  However, our students will also require exposure to a wide range of knowledge, skills and abilities in order to nurture their individual talents so that they may find their places in our community.  As it states in our Vision, we encourage our students to fulfil their individual potential in all areas of the curriculum.

 Of particular importance within all classrooms at Allandale School is our cultural programme, which has been designed to cultivate pride in our students and equip them with the knowledge of who they are and where they come from.  Additional curriculum areas include the visual and performing arts, science, health and physical education, social studies, and technology.

 Bi-Lingual Classes

Allandale School is home to three Bi-Lingual classes ranging from New Entrants to Year 6.  40% of the instruction in our Bi-Lingual classes is conducted in Te Reo Māori.  While Literacy and Numeracy instruction in our Bi-lingual classes is primarily conducted in English, waiata, karakia, performing arts, visual arts, and conversational instruction is conducted i Te Reo Māori.  Student achievement in Literacy and Numeracy in our Bi-lingual classes is reported against the National Standards

Allandale Primary School

Allandale Primary School


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